Quality water installations

Quality plumbing in a residential building is essential and indispensable. When building a new house or renovating an old one, it is important to ensure that the plumbing is carefully and professionally carried out. The latter is also the guiding principle for our services. We will prepare a quotation for you after a preliminary inspection and consultation. All plumbing work is turnkey by arrangement.

Radiator Heating Installation

We use and install state-of-the-art materials and equipment. Today, the main components of pipes are the synthetic polymers polypropylene and cross-linked polyethylene. Such pipes are very light, flexible and smooth inside. They can withstand temperature loads and high pressure for a very long time. 

The choice of contractor is a very important decision when it comes to installation work, as the lifetime of the new pipes installed can be up to 50 years and is always a long-term investment.  
Installations need to be regularly maintained and serviced if necessary.  
We offer installation:  
– bidets, boiler, pipes  
– baths, kettles, installation of heating elements  
– radiators, installation and servicing of plumbing,
– installation of sanitary equipment, furnaces,  
– sanitary fittings,  
– toilet, shower, sink, plumbing, toilet.

Industrial piping 2

Mechanical installations

We have the knowledge and experience to carry out the most demanding heating and cooling systems, following the latest guidelines in control and energy efficiency.  
We offer complete solutions:   
– Installation of various heating elements such as radiators, convectors, radiators, air curtains….,  
– internal heating of buildings with ducting made of black, seamless, copper, alumplast pipes, stainless and plastic pipes for the needs of radiator ducting, underfloor heating, swimming pool technology, etc.,  
– external piping of black seamed, seamless and pre-insulated pipes, construction of all types of heating and cooling stations, cooling towers,  
– execution of cogeneration systems,  
– technical gas piping,  
– implementation of central control systems and monitoring of energy consumption, optimisation of heating systems.