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ABV founders

ABV CONSTRUCTION D.O.O. (Vodoinstalater A.S. D.O.O.) was founded in July 2008, in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia. Vodoinstalater A.S, D.O.O. was engaged in plumbing, drainage, sewage, heating, cooling and ventilation installation works.

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ABV Construction d.o.o.

The name Vodoinstalater A.S. D.O.O. was changed to ABV CONSTRUCTION D.O.O. in February 2018. The company was active between 2008 and 2011, when it was involved in smaller projects and with a small number of employees. At the beginning of 2012, we started to work on larger projects and started our cooperation with BLISK MONTAŽA D.D. on the “Panvita Lipovci” facility and completed the project in 2014.

As Vodoinstalater A.S. D.O.O. in 2014 we opened some small projects in Germany, such as renovation of houses, renovation of external and internal plumbing and drainage installations. In 2015, Vodinstalater A.S. D.O.O. decided to temporarily go on hiatus. In 2018 however, with a new, young and dynamic staff, we started afresh in Slovenia and abroad in other European countries, primarily in Germany, following our fresh ideas and vision. We have set ourselves the goal of high quality and excellent work.

Services: plumbing, sewage, heating, cooling, ventilation and more.